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Duathlon #3 - 13 Sep 2020

Race Synopsis


Under a canopy of blue sky, more than 40 familiar faces and first-timers tackle the Club’s sprint distance duathlon. There is nothing better than a healthy dose of friendly competition to unleash your maximum potential! And, as a result, we see epic performances across the spectrum of racers – from juniors to veterans and soloists to teams. Highlights include:  

  • BIG GUNS: A nail-biting battle between Anthony Biggs, Michael Hazan and Jarred Shein. Hazan crushes the first 2.5km dash in a record-setting 8:12 (3:17/km) but Biggs and Shein reel him in on the bicycle, where they are neck and neck until they dismount and exit T2. At this point, both are about 25 seconds ahead of record-breaking times, but today Biggs has the legs to pull away from previous winner Shein. He conquers the course in an astonishing 1:00:55 and sets the new gold standard having shaved more than one minute off Craig Pager’s 5-year record (of 1:02:10). Meanwhile, Hazan sprints out of T2 about 2 minutes behind Biggs and Shein (1:03:08) but still manages to catch Shein on the final stretch to snatch second place (1:03:04).

  • TEAMMATES: Among the teams, Ron Levi and Sean Bloch power through the course in 1:00:19, with Bloch putting pedal to metal to achieve an enviable average of 40.3kph (30:23).

  • YOUNG GUNS: Special shout-out to Sam Fine (1:28:31) and Guy Kessler (1:35:01), both 12 years young and undertaking their first full Club duathlon!

  • JUNIORS: Finally, a round of applause to these kids, none of whom were born before 2010 and each of whom completed individual junior courses: cousins Jamie & Casey Sher and siblings Gerry & Chelsea Joseph.  


Awesome effort by all for getting involved in another great Club event and fun morning ‘hit out’ - thank you!

- Daniel Bos

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