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A rich history and a bright future

Established 1990

  • Steve Deneberg starts the Maccabi Triathlon Club after placing an ad in the AJN

  • First event, a duathlon, is held at Centennial Park in May 1990

Get involved, the clock is ticking

  • Participate in an exciting annual calendar with a mix of tri and cycling events and stay fit and healthy

  • Enter triathlons as an indvidual or team

Much to celebrate

  • Seven members have represented AUS at the world champs for their age

  • The Club has seen several members take home medals at the Maccabiah Games

Seize the day - carpe diem

  • We have but a nanosecond on the universal clock, when that time is gone, it's gone foreever. There is only now. Have it. Take it. Own it. Become it. Be awesome.

Tri + Cycle is better

  • In 2011, the Club expands into cycling

  • The inaugural Tour de Bright is held in 2014 and is now the epic, 'must-do' event each year 

Proudly supported by

  • The Club is fortunate to have the support of a dedicated group of sponsors and committee members who are passionate about sport in the Jewish community

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