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Duathlon #4 - 18 Oct 2020



Predictions of storms do not faze this motley crew of du-athletes from pitching up on race day. For the last run-bike-run of the season we equalise the race with a staggered start based on carefully calculated handicaps …


HANDICAP: In theory, handicaps give everyone the opportunity to cross the finish line first. A win very much depends on the improvement in your time against prior events relative to the rest of the field. On this day, Norman Abel pulls off a stunning handicap victory: he slashes ~3 mins for both runs, ~3.5 mins on the cycle and banks savings in transitions to register a handicap adjusted time (HAT) of 50:53 (actual 1:14:53). As always, Bonne Lee rises to the occasion by ‘leaving it all on the field’ to claim second in a HAT of 58:56 (actual 1:06:38). Adam Sulcas, who completed his first Club duathlon back in August, secures third place in a HAT of 58:56 (actual 1:11:56). Due to the distributed start, the rest of the field concludes the course in quick succession and regroups for a debrief and coffees, courtesy of house barista Craig Pager


FIRSTS: With an unbroken bill of attendance this season, Jarred Shein continues to impress. He produces the morning’s fastest time (1:02:29) that includes a record-breaking cycle at 38.1kph (32:07); a title that was held by Jonny Lewis (33:00) for more than 5 years! Lisa Marangon is first female (second overall) in 1:05:43, even with ~100kms in her legs and numerous QOMs from the day before.


TEAMMATES: All round solid team performances from many of the ‘usual suspects’, with notable mentions for father-daughter duo Craig and Riley Pager (1:14:37) and 12-year-old crew Guy Kessler and Sam Fine (1:24:50).  


JUNIORS: Hats off to the squad of juniors showing up – the returning Sher champs (Jeremy, Casey and Jamie) and first-timers Rafael Marcus, Eliya Cohen, Devan Bloch and Shira Gotlieb (who glides through the first 2.5km run at 4:12/km).


MAIDEN VOYAGES: Even with the end of the Heffron-based events upon us, it’s never too late to get involved. Welcome to David Hirsch, Jason Bos and Michael Pollak.  

STALWARTS: Dozens and dozens of people partook in this season’s six Heffron-based events (1 x tri, 1 x bi, 4 x du) but only four powered through every single race. Alan Kaplan, Craig Pager, Jarred Shein and Larry Cohen clearly subscribe to Wayne Gretzky’s philosophy: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.


Thank you everyone for making this such a memorable season.

- Daniel Bos

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